There’s been a restlessness deep within me these last few months.

Not a discontent.

Not a hopelessness.

Not a disappointment.




Not totally comfortable, but totally ok.

This type of restlessness pushes and presses me into a new surge of faith, a deep stirring for the next “whatever” with God.*

It’s been a sense of a SHIFT coming.

Shift:  to move from one place, position, direction, etc., to another

Do you wonder what God is up to?  I do.

Dwight and I recently heard Bill and Beni Johnson speak in Charlotte.  Beni spoke of a coming shift.  Another “awakening” by God on the earth.  Last weekend, we heard Bob Jones speak of a coming “wave” of God.  Revivals, renewals, waves, shifts…words that reveal outpourings of God’s love for all people. God coming to earth, again and again, answering the cries of His people, touching the world with His constant pursuit.

Where does the shift begin?  In me.  In you. 

We continue to move out the stuff of the earth that distracts us from the treasures of heaven.

Pray for the SHIFT to begin in you, to prepare the earth for the Kingdom of Heaven which is at hand!

“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.”  Matthew 11:9

Beni was given a bumper sticker.  It’s a little edgy for me (and was for her), but I sort of like ittake the profane and make it holy:

                         Shift Happens

Amen–so be it.  Come, Lord!


*A  John 5:19 kind of “whatever.”  Doing only what we see the Father do!

Oh, and by the way–check out our website for some powerful “shifting” opportunities for you this week here at Lifegate!  (Scroll to the top of the blog and click on the link!)


  1. so proud of you my friend for stepping out of the box!

  2. My favorite line: We continue to move out the stuff of the earth that distracts us from the treasures of heaven.

  3. So Candy… what did you think and how did you feel after re-reading your blog here a week later when the Earthquake hit the Eastern U.S. on Aug 23, 2011?

    I believe He revealed His secret to His servant as I think about Amos 3.

    We know that there are many, multitudes in the valley of decission that need to Wake Up. And an Alarm is never pleasant to those asleep. It’s suppose to be intrusive to shake us up.

    If a Trumpet is blown in a city [a nation in this case], will not the people be afraid?
    Amos 3:8 …. “A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?

    I enjoy the way that you and Dwight are well-balanced with understanding that the Shaking is for Cleansing. Just like my Grandmother’s washing machine with the old agitators that use to shake up and down instead of just swishing back and forth. All that shaking was shaking the dirt out of the garments. And Shaking…. a good ole storm is alright every once in a while. They say that all a strorm does to a strong tree with well grounded roots is blow off a few old dead limbs that need to be removed anyway.

    Continue to give “Expression to Impression” …. write a blog when you feel the winds of Ruach Hakkodesh blow within your most inner most being. Continue to blow the trumpet.

    And Lynn and I want to thank you and your fellowship for having the freedom and liberty to have spoken over our two girls the way you did. When there are so many in-roads and gates of darkness and death in the world today, it was very refreshing to find a “Lifegate” !!!

  4. Thanks for your encouragement, Michael. We’re all walking out the truth we sense, see, and hear. Shifting and shaking encompasses all of life in many ways–all to prepare us for another heaven to earth experience with the Lord! We’re thankful for kindred hearts who pursue the presence of God with us!
    Hope to see you soon! Blessings! -candy

  5. thank you for your encouragement and belief in me! : ) i think it’s time to step out some more.

  6. Leslie, I’m blessed that you found a line to emphasize. Wow–I pray Holy Spirit will do that again! : ) Thank you for your encouragement.

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