Relationships that Matter

Moving in and out of relationships is a natural part of life. There’s a rhythm to life as we encounter and intersect with others. Most encounters are momentary and seem to have no lasting effects. Yet, for those of us who long to always be about our Father’s business, even momentary encounters can have eternal purpose. Thus, this rhythm and movement of life becomes the call on our lives.

How do I hear, feel and know this eternal rhythm?
It comes from the heartbeat of the Father.

How do I hear His heartbeat?  Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

I remember hearing my firstborn’s heartbeat for the first time. Dwight and I were very quiet, positioned to listen as the doctor searched for the sound. We soon heard the steady thumping, magnified for our ears!  The sound grabbed my heartstrings with an unexpected force and never left. My love for my son was securely sealed. That same incredulous wonder occurred with each of my children; their heartbeats were the sounds of life, love, and belonging.

It’s the same with the Father’s heartbeat—the sound of life, love, and belonging. If we stop our frantic traffic and listen, His rhythmic heartbeat melds with our own. Then we can move through our days with the ease of eternal purpose.

Relationships with family and friends are given to us to care for and nurture. We continually come before the Lord, seeking His ways in loving and caring for others, especially those we deem close to us. We want our relationships to matter.

Our family—a son and two daughters, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, a grandson and granddaughter—is our treasure. I love the story of our family because I see the Father’s heart woven through each of our lives, restoring the broken places and filling us with Him. We have learned to love one another deeply and unconditionally through the years. Our family relationships matter.

Our covenant family (those with whom we walk with the Lord in this season) has fast become deeply entwined in our hearts. What a privilege to live life with a community who is continually seeking truth, choosing the ways of the Father, extending love, grace and hope to many. Our covenant relationships matter.

Yet, we should know this—all relationships matter to the Father!

Throughout this Christmas season, we will have numerous momentary encounters with people—people who are important to our Father. How do we share the Father’s heart with others?

  • Be alert:  Look for opportunities to share hope and life with others as we go.
  • Be obedient:  Listen to the Father and obey what He says.
  • Be like Him:  With our words and with our actions.

“…those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires…the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace;”   (Romans 8:5b,6b)

Will you join me and choose to stop, listen, and bring the sound of the Father’s heartbeat to a waiting world? After all, isn’t that why Christ, The Messiah, came?






  1. Hi Candy,
    I just red your blog this morning. It is refreshing – and affirming. You “nailed it” 🙂
    It is so true indeed, life IS all about relationships. About the heartbeat of the father.
    What a beautiful picture you have painted. Heart beats to synchronize, ours with His.
    I love your mother’s heart for your family – and for our community.
    I love it! Thank you

  2. Thanks, Gerhard. Papa God is good. : )

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