FAQ about LifeChanges

Frequently Asked Questions about LifeChanges (Sozo) Ministry:

1. What, exactly, is LifeChanges prayer ministry?
LifeChanges is an inner healing prayer ministry. It is the process of God revealing truth in the innermost part (Ps. 51:6). The term, Sozo, is the Greek word for salvation, meaning to save, deliver, heal, protect, make whole, and more—salvation in every way possible! This prayer ministry was formerly known as Sozo, but is now called “LifeChanges” because there are many methods of inner healing training used by our prayer ministers—all Biblically based. We have seen that these prayer encounters truly are life-changing! God does an amazing work each time we pray!

2. What is the purpose of LifeChanges?
John 10:10 states, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The purpose of an inner healing prayer session is to help uncover the places of bondage and blockages in your heart and life and help you begin walking in truth and freedom. Your true identity as a child of God will come forth as He uncovers and overcomes the intentional work of the enemy in your life.

3. Why do I need a LifeChanges session?
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Rom. 3:23) There are places in our hearts that have been captured by the enemy through wounds and pains, perceived and real. There are also places where we’ve been taken prisoner through our own choices and rebellion. If you take an honest look at yourself, you will see patterns of thoughts and behaviors that do not exhibit the glory of God. In other words, places where your life just doesn’t look like Papa. His plan is to restore your heart back to its created glory, filled with more of His love and truth.

4. How long does a LifeChanges session last?
Generally, a session lasts from 2 to 3 hours, although there is no set standard of time. Therefore, your session may be shorter or longer.

5. Who leads a LifeChanges session?
Lifegate International offers inner healing prayer ministry training to individuals. Those who have completed the training and have had their own personal LifeChanges sessions are invited to gain hands-on experience by participating in LifeChanges sessions with seasoned leaders. A typical prayer session will be a two or three member team consisting of a leader, an assistant, and sometimes, an intercessor. We also have off-site intercessors praying for each LifeChanges prayer session.

6. Are LifeChanges leaders professional counselors?
No. LifeChanges teams are trained as volunteers in inner healing prayer ministry.

7. Is a LifeChanges session the same as a counseling session?
No. It is a prayer session, led by the Holy Spirit, utilizing Biblically based principles that have proven to be effective in setting the captive free. (Isaiah 61:1)

8. What happens in a LifeChanges session?
We pray together and ask God to uncover the lies of the enemy. The LifeChanges team will ask you questions about your life’s story, following behavioral and thought patterns (fruit) to first occurrences (root causes). We will then lead you in prayers of forgiveness, confession, repentance, declarations of truth, binding and loosing, breaking covenants and curses.

9. What if I cry….or what if I don’t cry?
Freedom is not determined by emotion; it is determined by truth. Therefore, we do not measure responses by emotions, but rather, by the truth of the heart. We have seen emotions released with great freedom, but we have also seen great freedom take place with no outward sign of emotion.

10. I’m anxious about my prayer session.
The Lord knows your heart and He has made a way for you to gain more freedom in your life. The more you see His true nature, the more you will be able to love Him and receive His perfect love for you.

All LifeChanges sessions are designed to be a safe place for you to meet with God and hear His truth about you. An important value of ours is for you to understand that God is good; Satan is bad. Therefore, God can be trusted and He has good things in store for you, even if He first has to do a little cleansing. All LifeChanges sessions are confidential and led by trustworthy team members.

11. How can I prepare for my LifeChanges session?
Again, there are no set ‘rules’ to follow. The most important necessity is to be willing to be vulnerable before the Lord and the team, trusting Papa God in His goodness. Ask Papa God what He would want you to do to prepare your heart. Fasting, praying, resting in His presence, worshiping, yielding, waiting, fighting in the Spirit….these are some of the ways Papa God may choose to woo you to Him.

12. What is the fee for a LifeChanges session?
There is no charge for a LifeChanges prayer session. However, Lifegate International is a faith-based ministry and your gift ensures the continued work that has transformed many. We do suggest a minimum donation beginning at $40. If you are unable to give a donation at the time of your appointment, please let us know. Our goal is to minister with the Lord on your behalf and that will always be our first priority.

13. Will I need another LifeChanges session?
LifeChanges is a lifestyle, thus, it is not a onetime deal. It is allowing Papa God to change your life and transform you into His image. Some people come once or twice to a LifeChanges prayer session; others have periodic prayer appointments for a season. Be free to continue with prayer appointments until you feel the transformational work is firmly secured within you.

14. Where will my LifeChanges prayer encounter take place?
2200 Fountain Square, Snellville, GA 30078
*Fountain Square–NOT Fountain Drive*

15. Why we ‘do’ LifeChanges…a short message from Dwight and Candy:
God, in His love and mercy, set us on His healing path of truth many years ago. As we continued to become more whole and we learned more principles of truth and life, these truths became a part of who we are. We began to implement them in our daily life and from there, God began connecting us to individuals whose hearts were hungry and ready for freedom. Lifegate International now has a team of trained, experienced, competent prayer ministers, but more importantly, they release the loving heart of the Father as they minister. We love watching God undo the works of the enemy, releasing His kids to a joy filled life, full of Kingdom reality!

If you’d like to schedule a LifeChanges appointment, please click here or go Make An Appointment (under the LifeChanges/Sozo tab).

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