Biblical Principles and Keys for Inner Healing & Freedom

What is LifeChanges?

LifeChanges is the inner healing prayer ministry (formerly known as “Sozo”) of Lifegate International.


Why not Sozo?

Sozo is a wonderful method of inner healing prayer ministry closely connected to Bethel (Redding, CA and Atlanta, GA), as well as other ministries, such as Grace Center (Franklin, TN). “Sozo” is the Greek word meaning to save, heal and deliver. LifeChanges still has that same purpose.

Dwight and Candy Haymon, Founders of Lifegate International, have been trained in various methods of inner healing ministry, including Sozo.

The prayer ministry here at Lifegate is a blend of our training. We like to say that we have a lot of tools in our “tool belt,” or several keys to the Kingdom! We follow Holy Spirit’s leading and use the tool, or key, that best fits the need. The goal remains the same—to uncover lies, reestablish truth, and help bring wholeness and freedom to God’s people.

“LifeChanges” sums up what we love to see God do: bring life changes to the spirit, soul, and body!

Who will lead my prayer session?
Lifegate International offers inner healing prayer ministry training to individuals. Those who have completed the training and have had their own personal LifeChanges sessions are invited to gain hands-on experience by participating in LifeChanges sessions with seasoned leaders. A typical prayer session will be a two or three member team consisting of a leader, an assistant, and sometimes, an intercessor. We also have off-site intercessors praying for each LifeChanges prayer session.

Why is there a suggested donation of $40 or more?

Lifegate International is a faith-based ministry, meaning that we depend on God’s provision to sustain and grow this Kingdom work. Some give according to their income; others give according to the measure of faith God has given them. Gifts and donations are essential to the growth and sustenance of this ministry. While we do not charge directly for our services, we recognize the value and need for this ministry. Thus, we consider applicable Paul’s words, “The worker deserves his wages.” (I Timothy 5:18) We believe you understand the value of the time and work we give to this life-changing ministry. Thus, we trust you will want to sow into this Kingdom ministry.

What if I’m unable to give a donation?

It is our desire to minister to all who come to us. Please contact us ( if you have financial difficulty and are unable to give a donation. We will do our best to work with you. Student rates are available to college and high school students.

How do I schedule a LifeChanges prayer ministry session?

Please fill out the appointment form under the “LifeChanges” tab on this website, or click here.

More information on inner healing prayer ministry:

In John 10:10, Jesus says that “the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” LifeChanges is a ministry to help individuals gain breakthrough healing from the effects of wounding and sin, and deliverance from the snares of the enemy. The purpose of LifeChanges is to set the captive free. Prayer and deliverance ministry have been a part of the church since the time of Jesus. God uses people to bring His truth to the heart of man. In John 8:32, Jesus states that we will “…know the truth and the truth will set us free.” God desires to speak His truth in every area of our lives and see us walk in freedom and wholeness. Each prayer ministry session is designed to produce a level of freedom and breakthrough that enables you to walk in a greater measure of God’s love and your true identity as His child.

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