DWI: Driving While Intoxicated!

The blue light special was right behind us and it wasn’t the K-mart kind. It was the blue light that causes your heart to sink into your stomach. Yeah, that one–the law. Dwight was the driver and I, the passenger. “Were you speeding?” I asked.  “No, people were passing me.”

We had counted six cars pulled over by the police in the short distance we traveled. It wasn’t a holiday; we didn’t know why the police were so busy, but we were about to find out. Dwight turned onto a side street and waited for the policeman to approach our car.

Mr. Policeman (aka, Mr. P):  “Sir, do you know why I stopped you?”

Dwight:  “No, sir, not really.”

Mr. P:  “You were having a hard time maintaining your lane. Have you been drinking, sir?”

Dwight:  “Uh…..no, sir.”  (Is this the time to explain Ephesians 5:18? “Do not get drunk on wine… instead, be filled with the Spirit.” Hmmmm…maybe not.)

Mr. P:  “You haven’t had any alcohol tonight?”

Dwight:  “No, sir. We’re tired; we just left church.”

Mr. P:  “I see that.”

Dwight still wore his nametag from the Jesus Breakout Conference we were hosting that weekend. An observant policeman, Mr. P had noticed the nametag. He proceeded to tell us about the community crack-down going on in our county.  Four hundred offenders jailed in four weeks—DUI’s, burglaries, drugs, and the like.

We had an enjoyable conversation with Mr. P. He seemed proud of the success of the special task force working to make our community safe. We prayed for him and blessed him, thanking him for his work. He was open, respectful and quite nice. It was a great experience, and, hey, no ticket? Win-win!

Dwight’s moniker (“DWI”–the first three letters of his name–given to him by our friend, Danny Steyne) shifted from the spiritual to the physical that night. He was a bit drunk—not with wine—but with the Spirit of God! The increased magnitude of God’s presence that night had impacted many of us with a fresh release of wonder, joy, laughter, faith, hope, and more! There’s nothing like His presence! Who needs wine when His touch fills us to overflowing?! (Ephesians 1:23 and Colossians 2:9-10—the fullness of Christ)

So, I consider:  Am I continually being filled with the Spirit in such a way that people will see Him in me? His love? His trust? His hope? His peace? His joy? Even to the point of drunkenness?

Oh, that’s rather extreme.
Yes, it is.
The cross and resurrection are extreme.
Pentecost was extreme.
The early church was extreme.

Am I willing to surrender all I am–spirit, soul and body—and be extremely His in all my ways?

The outpouring of Pentecost (Acts 2) is very real.
We want that kind of reputation—one that brings the presence of God to a very real world.

Fill us to spill us, O God.



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