What We Do


We passionately worship God and long to be in His presence. We want to love God with all of our being and reflect that love to the world around us.


God desires us to commune with Him and prayer is a primary method of communication with Him. Prayer is a natural expression of a heart reaching out to God.


We love to hear God’s voice. Jesus says that His sheep know His voice, so we seek to listen to what He has to say. We want to speak, preach, and live courageously and fearlessly His message inside us through the power and presence of His Spirit.


We love the Body of Christ, the Church, for whom Jesus died. We value relationships and want to create a place where love, encouragement and comfort are natural expressions of our community.


Sharing Jesus with others, wherever we are, wherever we go, is the overflow of His love in us. We want His love and care to pour over those we meet in our neighborhoods, in our daily lives, and in other places, countries, and people groups. We want to continue joining His work in bringing forth the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth, watching Him transform individuals, communities, and nations.


God longs to save, to heal, to set free…to restore, to redeem and renew! We offer a safe place for those who desire prayer ministry so that hearts can begin to believe in the truth that God is Good!


Everything God creates is made to live, to grow, and bear fruit. We want to create a place where people can actively participate in personal and corporate growth, constantly moving toward all that God has created them to be.

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