Blood Diamonds and Where They Reside

Last night, I saw the edited TV version of “Blood Diamond,” reminding me of the civil wars and plundering that Sierra Leone endured through in recent years.  Last April, a team of six traveled with me through the country to places like Makeni.   We saw and met “amputees” and heard the reason for the maiming.  The movie made it a little more graphic.  This war-torn area is ripe for the gospel.

In a couple of weeks, Candy and I (along with Jared and Kate) will be traveling to Sierra Leone.   We don’t go there to see the sights—there are none— really.  We don’t go there to visit a rich climate (last April I lost 15 pounds due to lack of water, etc.).  We don’t go there to build a building.  They can do that themselves much cheaper and actually prefer to give jobs to local workers.  We simply go over there to equip and strengthen the churches.

Last year, we had a three-day Pastor’s Conference and then traveled for about another week, going from village to village.  We planted seeds into the lives of others so that they could, in turn, build His Kingdom.  During the conference, we taught and imparted the Father’s Heart on “Hearing God”, “Inner Healing”, and “How to reach Muslims”.  We’ve been told stories of how those pastors went to their churches, teaching the Father’s Heart truths, resulting in immediate responses and transformation!  Many of you know that the road to inner healing is paved with forgiveness.  Do you think anyone in a war-torn area such as Sierra Leone might need to forgive?  Isn’t this a set up for Jesus, the author of healing, to come and be accepted?  Can’t you see the possible transformation of the whole country?

2009 Sierra Leone Trip

You may have heard about how we got to meet and pray over the President of Sierra Leone, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Minister of Construction.  They came to us in the village we were visiting.  FAVOR!  We saw eight fishermen come to Christ.  We baptized another twelve in the ocean.  A minister of youth of a village came to Christ.  The stories go on and on!  Literally!

The four of us will be in Sierra Leone from Nov. 29-Dec.15.  Please pray for us.

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