A Chicken Named Sozo!

Sozo (Greek):  saved, healed, delivered

Elizabeth, 13 years old, was prayed for in Kambia, Sierra Leone, by our mission team.  As the team prayed, a demon manifested and threw her on the ground.  After a few minutes of prayer, the demon left and the peace of God came to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was all smiles after her deliverance. She stayed close to the team, especially Maribeth. During the last evening in Kambia, Elizabeth came to Maribeth’s door with a gift. 

The gift?  A chicken.  A live chicken!

Families in Kambia struggle to have enough food to eat. Chickens are only cooked and served on special occasions. Elizabeth was so thankful to be free and she gave all she had—a gift of great value.

What to do with a chicken?  Name it, of course! The chicken had been “delivered” to Maribeth by someone who had been “delivered.”  So, Maribeth began calling her chicken, Sozo!

Saved, healed, delivered.  Bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth in Sierra Leone!

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November 9 – 22, 2011:  Mission to Sierra Leone

 Elizabeth & Maribeth


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